About Krystalcast

Our History

KrystalCast® is a family owned business. Made in America since 1971. Our company was formed under Originals in Furnishings (OIF). And now presides under Tables International Corporation.

KrystalCast® was born due to a great demand from architects, designers, and companies that we have served for the past 43 years.

We Customize

KrystalCast® is a completely customizable acrylic product which can be used indoors or outdoors in a multitude of applications including hospitality, commercial, retail, and residential applications.

Our own USA factory has the ability to create custom designs using both etching and CNC milling technologies. The KrystalCast® product can be custom matched to over +3,500 Benjamin Moore colors. Additionally, we have the ability to inlay objects such as aluminum foam, metal meshes, and recycled glass into our pieces.

For even more flexibility in design we can custom print images, art, or patterns on the interlayer, which can be encased in the KrystalCast® superior resilient structure for the long life of the product and project.

Our CNC and etching technologies allow us to approach design changes from many different vantage points and our trained representatives will work directly with you to figure out the best approach to create your design visions.

A Sustainable Product

With a conscious effort towards a more green product, KrystalCast® has focused its energy to create more sustainable and renewable products. Collections vary in composition, but each collection can be tailored to your needs and the needs of the environment.

Our stone edge collection is a mostly recycled product, composed of chips ground up from recycled existing pieces. These chips are reconstituted and combine to form a completely new looking product.

We recommend that products be returned to us after the life of the project for proper recycling and reconstitution to maintain our green program.

Please contact your local representative to set up and appointment today to learn more about our product and how we can better serve you.